The sun always shines on TV

Welcome to a rather glorious Wednesday where the sun is shining brightly here at Hive Towers. Every day the sun shines I think, yay, a good day for the tennis! My, I can’t believe how much weight Nadal’s lost though. Wish I knew his secret. Or, of course could just have something to do with him being a multiple-Grand Slam-winning tennis champion. Hey-ho.

However. As entertaining as Wimbledon is, there is plenty happening in the literature world as well as the sporting one. Manchester Children’s Book Festival is going strong as these very words are being typed and if you’re in the Herefordshire area this weekend I’m sure you’re looking forward to the Ledbury Poetry Festival. There are some excellent events happening at the festival from the 1st July for ten days, with authors such as Carol Ann Duffy, Jo Shapcott, Stuart Maconie and Michael Rosen all taking part in talks and readings. You can find out more about the Ledbury Poetry Festival here . Go nuts!

I found out this week about the Jurassic Park trilogy coming out on the how-did-we-ever-watch-films-before-it-amazement that is Blu-ray later this year. The first movie, for me, is up there with the Lord of the Rings trilogy (although Jurassic Park predates) so I am hoping that the Blu-ray transfer will do the dino disaster movie justice. If you’re like me, it’s something to get very excited about.

If you can’t get to any music festivals this summer, why not see if your favourite artists are featured in our live DVDs & Blu-ray range on the homepage? There are some legendary concerts that even I didn’t know had been released on Blu-ray, so have a browse through and see if there any there you’d like to see and relive again in glorious high-def.

What have we got to look forward to in July? Well I guarantee you that festival season will be going as strong as ever, with more festivals on literature and poetry happening in the many parts of the country. Find out more here or check your local indie’s Hive homepage to see if they are taking part and what they are doing.

So whoever you’re supporting in the tennis at the moment, be it Nadal, Federer or our dear own Andy Murray, I hope you enjoy the rest of the week watching your champion… and I leave you with the thought too, have you considered what books are you planning on taking on holiday with you this year?


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