Number 4 Privet Drive.

Unless you’ve literally been living on the moon for the past ten years – and even then it could be debated if the publicity and hysteria had reached there too – you will know that in two days we will see the release of the last ever Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

I was born twenty years too early to live my childhood through the explosion of the Potter supernova. But I have read the books and so I still feel a great love for the stories of the orphaned wizard and his journeys through his adventures in Hogwarts. Not since Tolkien had a single author created such a vast and addictive world of fantasy which took children and adults of all ages into parts of their imagination they never even knew existed. Thanks to the films, cementing the Potter legacy even further into history, we can watch the books in live action onscreen forever, and so it is with a sad heart that we will have to say goodbye to Harry, Ron and Hermione this week as they take to the silver screen just once more, ending Britain’s greatest ever film franchise. I can’t wait to see it. Sectumsempra!

And do have a look at our Cinema Classics promotion on Hive, we’ve a fantastic selection of legendary films on DVD – all at £2.32 each! You can’t argue with top bargains like that.

No blog from me would be without a festival mention, and this week sees the Buxton Festival taking place. There are a whole host of top authors and personalities in attendance at the event in the Peak District, and one particular highlight to look forward to is Joanna Lumley in conversation with Alan Titchmarsh. How will the king of the trowel fare with the queen of Absolutely Fabulous? Best get yourself a ticket and join in! You can find more details and book tickets here Well that’s just fabulous, sweetie.

And so I shall see you all next week for more literary laughs and movie magic.


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