It’s a theme park Jim, but not as we know it.

Good afternoon to you, my faithful followers. I trust this Thursday is treating you well so far.

The Edinburgh map on the Guardian's blog

If you’re going to the Edinburgh Fringe, are there already or maybe just a fan of Scottish writing, you might be interested in this little feature I came across via the Guardian’s Book blog. Edinburgh City Libraries has created a fun and interesting little interactive map (with the help of Google) of Edinburgh in the city’s literary form; by clicking on various book jackets on the map you are taken to the places in Edinburgh that correspond, or have been written about in fiction, in that location. Should your appetite have been whetted and you wish to continue reading, you can also click to reserve the book too from any of the participating libraries in Edinburgh. To see the map and have a browse, click here where you can click on any jacket and read the details of the associated title of that location. (Try scrolling out of the map and seeing just how many books there are!)

Ian Rankin's Edinburgh app

And if you want even more of Edinburgh’s finest literature, do yourself a favour and download Ian Rankin’s free Edinburgh app too. This is a truly fantastic app, which will satisfy the bestselling Scottish writer’s many legions of fans. Working in the same way as the Edinburgh libraries map and powered again by Google, this takes the reader through Rankin’s Edinburgh and how he has written the city in his Rebus novels and other works. There are exclusive photographs of locations, video and audio from Rankin himself made just for the app, image galleries and lots more information and extras about his stories. The app is free and available by going onto Rankin’s website here and following the links.

Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu-ray

Although there’s no accounting for taste, yesterday certain members of the workforce here at Hive Towers certainly felt the force upon learning about the limited edition Star Wars notebooks Moleskine are planning to release in September. Yes, the Star Wars-what-can-they-merchandise-next question was indeed answered with the news of these pocket and large-sized notebooks hitting the virtual shelves of Hive and the physical ones in your local indie in the next few weeks. And what with the Blu-ray of the complete saga coming out in October too, the Christmas lists of Star Wars fans are growing by the inch.

But anything George Lucas can do, the legacy of Gene Roddenberry can do better.

Everyone has their geeky side, and I am proudly of no exception. You can imagine my only-measurable-by-the-stratosphere-excitement when I learned a few days ago about another very big (and rich) geek, King Abdullah II of Jordan, and his plans to build a Star Trek theme park in his motherland. I kid you not and you can read for yourself in more detail here, but suffice to say I think this is going to be astronomical. The theme park is expected to be ready for launch in 2014 boasting the inclusion of hotels, restaurants, theatres, shops and will be the ultimate mecca for us Trekkers out there. I’m fairly confident James T. Kirk himself never made it to Jordan, but I’m pretty sure The Shat will be happy when he goes to see it once it’s been engaged. Make it so.

The famous recipe

Bringing myself slightly back down to Earth after that, I caught an episode of Nigella Express on one of the Sky food channels a few days ago. Nigella as we know, as talented and beautiful as she is, was never one for staying awake at night worrying about calorie content or measuring those highly-addictive substances known as sugar and butter in her recipes. With this in mind, I was still shocked however to see her broadcast to our nation, with no sense of irony, her recipe for Caramel Croissant Pudding. She happily cooked and married away together 100g of caster sugar, 125ml of double cream and 125ml of full-fat (but of course) milk and baked it in the oven as it sat in a dish covering the hunks of two stale all-butter croissants. The cherry on the cake so to speak? The end of the episode where she sneaked down to her kitchen in the dead of night, pilfered the remaining dish from the fridge, and promptly scuttled away back up to her bedroom to immerse it in even more double cream as a midnight-snack. Should you have fallen out with your arteries recently, you can teach them who’s boss by finding the recipe here or indeed, the book itself here.

I leave you now as I must go and squee a bit more about the release news of The Adventures of Tintin coming out remastered on Blu-ray this October.

Told you I was a geek.


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