Have the last word… indeed!

Have the last word - and win £1000 to spend on booty on Hive

*Grabs small trumpet and makes long tooting sound*

Ladies and gentlemen of book and independent bookshop-lover land! By now you should all know about the fantastic competition Hive is running; finish a grisly story started by award-winning crime author extraordinaire
Mark Billingham, and you could win £1000 British pounds sterling to spend on DVDs, Blu-ray and/ or books on Hive. I think this is a very juicy thing for anyone who’s ever fancied penning a murder / crime novel and now’s your chance to go for it, and have Mark Billingham say that you were the best, made him shiver and want to carry on reading… have your last word on Mark’s specially written for novel, and be in with a chance to win £1000 to spend on Hive.

And there’s even more! Do not despair if you are not chosen by Mark with the winning entry, the writer who submits the entry which gains the most public votes will get £250 to spend on books, DVDs and Blu-ray at Hive as well. That will buy you a lot of booty.

Any chance I get to write I snap up with great fervour, so come on writers, do the same too and show the world how awesome you are how you write… how are you going to finish off Mark’s novel? Go to the competition site, have a look at the details, read Mark’s opening paragraph and ‘scribe for your life!

And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up-to-date of all the entries and to cast your vote.

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