Block rockin’ beats!

"But why is the Lego always gone?!"

I can’t resist anything to do with Lego; I have been a huge fan of since before I learned to talk, and some thirty odd years later, nothing has changed and my love for the small, coloured, humble Danish bricks has not flickered out. Over the years it has been very interesting to see how Lego has changed and grown, and indeed, how it has had to in order to remain competitive and interesting against the might of computer consoles, social media and the other toys which children desire every birthday and Christmas.

There are of course some people out there who take Lego’s versatility to a whole new level. Unofficially, fans of the small brick have built cars, furniture and even houses purely out of Lego, just to show how limitless its possibilities are of which no-one knew it had.

I however am not that adventurous; sadly not having the time nor the resources to build my own Taj Mahal. I did make the Bat Cave once, though. But the reason for this article is I wanted to show you just how customisable Lego minifigs can be, not just the bricks themselves. I came across this snippet online where various iconic film characters had been recreated in Lego, though ashamedly I have to admit I didn’t guess them all. Perhaps you can?

And if you find this piece bringing back a few memories, check out the Lego feature we have done for Christmas gifts here, and make sure the Lego fan in your life – or even if it’s you – is kept happy this Christmas with our superb range of fabulous Lego tie-in books.

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