Have the last word… and you did!

As you may know by now, the winners of our first major competition have been announced! Our chosen author of the competition, award-winning crime writer Mark Billlingham, selected from a “wealth of untapped writing talent”, three authors which he deemed had completed worthy finishes to the specially-written story he had created for Hive. Hundreds of entries were sent into us and the standard was very, very high indeed. Three more winning entries for the stories with the largest public votes were also awarded prizes too.

If you want to read the triumphant entries, you can do so here: http://www.havethelastword.co.uk/ and click on the individual tabs to read their winning words. As ever if you keep following us on Facebook and Twitter, you’ll be the first to know about our next amazing competitions! Also a quick thank you to Mark too for being our selected author for the competition.

And also I will take this opportunity to highlight as well three great independent bookshops that are currently showing their support for Hive and independent bookselling via the Guardian; London’s Dulwich Books and Tales on Moon Lane, and Castle Hill Bookshop in North Yorkshire. Each of these three shops all have their own recommended-for-Christmas pages on Hive, and by clicking on their names above you will be able to go straight to them and see what they have personally chosen. We will be having one more bookshop joining the fray very soon, University Bookseller in Plymouth. Each bookshop has taken part in an online question and answer session about books & independent bookselling for us via the Guardian over the past two weeks, with Dulwich Books to take the next spotlight this very Friday at 1pm. If you want to join the session, you are more than welcome to here and ask Dulwich Books what they are recommending for Christmas, or indeed anytime you wish to buy… for anyone. This is great exposure for our beloved independent bookshops and we here at Hive are very excited that these shops and the Guardian have agreed to take part; now let’s do our bit by keeping them where we want them – on our high streets.

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