We are the pigs.

Karren Brady's autobiography is due next April.

Well perhaps not so much you’re hired, but more, here’s £25,000 investment in your business future.

Congratulations indeed to 16-year-old Zara Brownless, who was chosen as the winner of the second series of BBC1’s Young Apprentice last night. The final episode saw Zara go head-to-head with her rival for the title, Northern-Irish economics-student James McCullagh, as Lord Alan Sugar tested the skills of the two teenagers in a task to create a new online game for social networking sites and mobile phones. Not a fan of time-management games personally, I didn’t warm to the idea of Crazy Cabinet, the runner-up’s game, but one could definitely see the satirical mirth in it. The gameplay consisted of an amusing cartoon Prime Minister having to keep up with the demands of his occupation; answering calls and fundamentally keeping the country running, all against the clock. Similar games are already on the market, but hats off though to the young McCullagh for the idea as time-management games are just as much an addiction for gamers as anything that involves grumpy canaries hurling themselves in avenging the thievery of jade-coloured swine.

However it was the platform porcine game which won Lord Sugar’s investment for Hertfordshire’s Zara as she devised the idea of a simple chase-and-run-to-safety-game. The player lead a small, cute cartoon pig – named Porky Pete and sporting a bandage on his leg for added “aww” effect – away from a butcher brandishing a meat cleaver whilst jumping over toxic spills and all manner of other dangers. Entitled Piggy Panic, it eventually won thanks to potential possibilities of spin-off marketing such as soft toys and paid-for extra content. This I found was slightly more up my street too as I do have a weakness for games involving cute animals. Coupled with her calm determination and huge driving ambition she had shown the eight-episode series, Zara became the second young adult to impress Lord Sugar enough to gain his investment.

Sad to see the end of the series, the first one I have watched involving the young apprentices. Very much looking forward to the new series’ in 2012… and indeed, the release of Lord Sugar’s right-hand woman Karren Brady’s autobiography, Strong Woman: Ambition, Grit and a Great Pair of Heals.

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