Everything in moderation… including moderation.

So I was listening to Radio 2 this morning in the car on the way into work, when Richard Madeley and his cohorts were discussing three different and interesting topics. Not, worryingly, having a lot to discuss on the blog this week apart from Happy New Year to all, I considered these three questions quite good and thought I will answer them in today’s blog. Hopefully in an attempt to make for some interesting reading.

  1. Name a random act of kindness that you did this year.
  2. What are you eating leftover from Christmas.
  3. A significant event that happened to you or you took part in.

So, to answer number one, the first thing that sprang to my mind was something I did back in February this year, when my significant other and I were dining in a restaurant in Hastings. Without getting into a huge story about it, a lady at a table very near us starting choking on her bit of steak, and so I rushed over to her as it became apparent that none of the other patrons knew what to do, and performed the abdominal thrusts on her and dislodging the little blighter of meat from her windpipe. She bought me a beer afterwards, but each good deed is its own reward.

What am I still eating leftover from Christmas… Well I did make a very lovely chocolate & peanut butter cheesecake for pudding on Christmas Day, and a generous wedge of it is still residing in my fridge waiting to be consumed. If the idea of this delicious delicacy is making you salivate, then please check out Kitchen from the lovely Nigella Lawson for she is its creator. As she quoted upon baking it, “the French have a saying; everything in moderation, including moderation.” You will agree with this statement just from smelling it.

And so the last question regarding an event. I went to some great shows and events this year; I went to see Love Never Dies at the Adelphi in February, and Pulp live at Wireless Festival in Hyde Park in July. Very different musically, but I loved them both dearly. However if I were to pick the event I would probably have to go with Collectormania in Milton Keynes, back in May. This is a sci-fi and cult TV & film convention company that I volunteer crew for, and have done for a few years. The Milton Keynes shows we do each year are I think the best as we generally get a great guest list of actors. Particular highlights for me this year would be working with the awesome Helen Atkinson-Wood from Blackadder, meeting many actors I love from Star Trek, and getting to chat to Anthony Head from Merlin & Buffy. Can’t get much more awesome than that.

Although some of it may pale ever-so-slightly in comparison now after the event on Christmas morning when I unwrapped one of my presents to discover I had been bought tickets to the Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio Tours in London next April. Jealous? You should be.

And so I leave you all now with the last blog of the year, and I’m more than confident we’ll see each other very soon!

By all means if you want to answer these questions too, please leave your responses in the comments field below…

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