The Wrath of Me.

And so it was with some interest that I settled down last night to watch the new episode of Room 101, which I had recorded from the week before. I didn’t know Frank Skinner was hosting it now, but I like him so this got my seal of approval already. I noticed the format had changed too, and we now have three celebrities choosing their pet peeve or what makes their head burst in frustration, of which Skinner selects one out of the three choices and condemns to the eternal fires of Hades contained within Room 101.

When I was a teenager and first watching Room 101 back in the 90s with Paul Merton presenting, not only did I love the programme dearly, but I used to spend hours as I was walking down the street or watching television fantasising as to what I would throw into Room 101 if I had the chance. Some suggestions I think could be quite controversial so if you ever meet me in a bar, by me a cider and I’ll tell you them. However I don’t lack the courage of my convictions when I say that I would quite happily plunge into Room 101 Yorkshire terriers, Victoria Beckham and rhubarb. And those are the ones I consider non-controversial.

But I’m not going to sit here and type out my arguments for and against the ones that Peep Show‘s Robert Webb, broadcaster Danny Baker and TV presenter Fern Britton selected, I’d be here all day. I must get in though that I thought Webb’s choice of the
Jeremy Kyle Show was indisputably utterly correct and I for one will dance a merry dance when it no longer taints* our screens. The one argument I wanted to make was Fern Britton’s choice of science fiction, her even going so far as to ridiculously claim, “No science fiction is set in the modern-day, it’s all set in the past.” REALLY, FERN?! Really? All science fiction is set in the past? No present-day science fiction at all, or even set in the future?! I can sense Gene Roddenberry rolling his spiritual eyes. And to add insult to even further injury, Britton even had the audacity to yell out, “Science fiction isn’t even real; it’s not true and all fake!” Thank the lord and all His seraphim that Frank Skinner was there to boldly boom out, “That’s why it’s called ‘fiction’!” Cue great audience applause and a sheepish laugh from Britton.

To counter what she said, and to prove that I am normally right, I have put together a small selection of science fiction films and TV shows, all set in the present day, or at least at the time they were actually filmed themselves, and you will find them live on Hive from Monday on the homepage. Call me rather passionate and taking this to extremes, but when you know someone is wrong the temptation to prove them of this is just a normal human trait I feel and one that does not require justifying. If you’re interested in seeing my choices, then please log on, on Monday to the homepage and see how I am right and Fern Britton is wrong. Mwahaha.


*putting it mildly

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