The Olympic torch and its continuing mission.

So you may have noticed by now that I haven’t penned anything on the Olympic Games. I’m not devoid of sentiment, I can appreciate the joyous sense of unity the general populace is currently immersed in for them, it’s just personally I don’t really hold a great deal of interest. I know, considering I’m Greek and everything.

That is… until now! Clearly, daddy cool Zeus wanted to gain my interest in the festivities by making it so that Captain Jean-Luc Picard himself, Sir Patrick Stewart, would carry the Olympic torch through Croydon in south London yesterday. Hey, whatever works!


At seventy-two years young, the Starfleet captain of the Enterprise D (and E, depending on your timeline preference), happily trotted with great ease through Croydon, including past some parts that were affected by the riots last year, proudly brandishing the Olympic torch against a backdrop of hundreds of congratulatory fans and Olympic spectators. From there the torch carried on its journey to Wimbledon where Sue Barker took the reins.

It would even appear former colleagues in California received the transmission, too:

Of course those among the most geeky and cynical of us could just put it all down to the fact that Star Trek: The Next Generation Complete Season 1 had its long-awaited release for the first time in glorious fully-remastered Blu-ray yesterday. While the in the US last night cinema events were held of specially-chosen episodes for fans to see TNG on the big screen for the first time in high definition, perhaps Sir Patrick wanted to give his UK fans back home a truly special treat by carrying the Olympic torch through London on the same day.

Or maybe he did because he was just asked to and wanted to support the Games. Either way, it’s all good!

Star Trek: The Next Generation Complete Season 1 on Blu-ray is out now and available to purchase through Hive, where you can support your own Olympian – your local independent bookshop. Make it so.

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