Happy birthday to us! Hurrah and all that!

And it is indeed, our first birthday! A whole year since we went live and took the initiative to bring the worlds of online book shopping and bricks and mortar shopping together. Hang on… I just need to have a bit of cake to celebrate this… won’t be long.

<<Time elapsed: 42.5 minutes >>

There, that’s better. When discussing cake one can’t be expected to rush. And we have an amazing amount of reasons to eat cake here at Hive HQ. Exactly a year ago we decided enough was enough and that we wanted to do something for our beloved independent bookshops on our high streets. Keep shopping online, stay in front of your computer with the cat and browse and buy all you wanted, but do it whilst supporting your local independent bookshop as well. What could be more amazing? What? What’s that you say? More champagne and cake? But of course!

Seriously though, no matter how much the internet has to offer you, nothing compares to walking into an independent bookshop and surrounding yourself with the atmosphere of books and literature, knowing that it was all crafted and put there by people who know books. People don’t run independent bookshops for their health, they do it for the love of the written word and the illustrated graphic and this is why their continued place on the high street is of paramount importance and relevance. For the past year Hive has sought to champion this; bringing you your products and your local bookshop together. There’s so much in those walls that you need to know about and could be missing out on if you don’t go and see what they’re up to. Shopping on Hive supports this because we don’t want to lose them any more than you do – so buy from us and keep your local indie.

We’re looking forward immensely to the next year coming up and what we have in store for our customers and supporters. We couldn’t have done all this without those that have chosen to support their high street and their local independent bookshop – you.

Anyway enough of this now. Go and drink some more champagne and eat cake. Captain’s orders.

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