Our new competition is live – all aboard for Prada, sweetie!

You could win this. Really.

You could win this. Really.

“Lights… models… guest list… just do your best, darling!”

Ah, those immortal words of Edina Monsoon, played spectacularly by Jennifer Saunders in the iconic Absolutely Fabulous, and what better way to announce our incredible new competition on Hive. Right now by clicking on the link here, you will be taken by the intergalactic super highway onto the page in question, where you will be able to read what is asked of you to win and justify a question with a fabulously witty answer, thereby convincing us why we should give you a lush £250 book about Prada from Taschen.

We’ve also put together our top 100 bestselling fashion and beauty books too, and on this page you can see our top choices in fashion, staff picks, men’s grooming and style, make-up and dieting & healthy eating.

There are some great prices on some of our titles too, so make sure you check them out. If you’re interested in that sort of thing, of course.

Good luck to all those who enter, and enjoy London Fashion Week as well!

I’m only going for the free champagne. And smoked salmon pinwheels.


To learn more about London Fashion Week, please click here to go to their official website.

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