New Moleskines for 2014. Commence fawning.

The famous little plastic Danish chaps make a return on their 2014 Moleskines

The famous little plastic Danish chaps make a return on their 2014 Moleskines

The Little Prince Moleskine with its new colours in blue & white for 2014

The Little Prince Moleskine with its new colours in blue & white for 2014

Thought I’d go a bit mad and create a new board on Pinterest with all our favourite and prettiest Moleskines on. Moleskines are hugely popular notebooks, diaries and journals made of tough but smooth leather, thick professional paper and goodies encased within of stickers, cards and other wonderful little pull-outs made to enhance the fun of your chosen Moleskine.

The ones I’ve chosen to highlight are some of my favourites, including new 2014 editions for these icons of pop culture; Star Wars, LEGO, Peanuts, Le Petit Prince and new to the collection, Disney. All but the latter have had previous limited editions throughout the years and have obviously proved their success as new ones continue to be commissioned annually. Epic wins.

Proving that your childhood never dies are the LEGO ones, which are very cool with a sweet little LEGO flat tile included on the front cover and cute stickers inside. Choose from red, yellow, green or black as your favourite colour LEGO Moleskine to have. Antoine De Saint-Exupery’s masterpiece, Le Petit Prince (the Little Prince) has a new range for 2012 too, with a set of white with blue text and blue with white text on the covers. You can get these as pocket and large formats and feature artwork from Le Petit Prince inside. George Lucas’ it-just-won’t-die epic space saga Star Wars has a new range for 2014 too boasting six new editions, with covers featuring Yoda, Obi Wan Kenobi, a Stormtrooper, Darth Vader and two editions where you can chose your own cover from the stickers included inside. Pretty neat and very geeky. My kingdom for Star Trek ones. Maybe one day. Another pop culture icon series that has been granted a new range for 2014 is Charles M. Schulz’s iconic Peanuts series. They have gone for a much less colourful series for next year with modest black and white and blue and white editions, but this time a different quote has been embossed on the covers. As previously mentioned, new to the Moleskine family this year but probably not the last time is Disney, with four different editions featuring the famous mouse immortalised on the jacket. Each edition has a different Mickey pose printed on the leather covers, and housing within a cool little Mickey drawing guide inside too.

And if you are a big fan of either Le Petit Prince or Peanuts, then you have been blessed with Gift Box editions of your favourite characters too.

If any of those book characters or film franchises are not your cup of Earl Grey when selecting your Moleskine for next year, or you just fancy a journal and not a diary then check out the Passion series which covers themes and hobbies of interest: well-being, music, books, newborn baby, cats, recipes, wine, films, art, restaurants, home life, chocolate, beer, dogs, style, gardening and travel. Phew! You’re bound to find your interest in there, surely? All of them have fun items included inside to enhance your journal as you document the things you love.

There are many other ranges of Moleskine that Hive stock, so do check them out. New lines for 2014 will start to show throughout this year in June and September (when the majority of the pop icon ones will be released) and who knows, maybe one day I will be blessed with a Star Trek range. I live in hope.


You can see our featured Moleskines on our dedicated page here, where you’ll also find our range of Moleskine travel and office accessories too.

Our rather fabulous new Moleskine Pinterest board is here.

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