Mother’s Day – my top five gifts to make her day a good one.

Mother’s Day is coming up very soon – Sunday, 10th March to be precise – and here I’m going to give you my recommended mum for Mother’s Day. All of these products can be found on our dedicated Mother’s Day gifts page, along with some other great gift ideas, too.

Paul Hollywood’s Bread, Paul Hollywood (Bloomsbury), hardback, £12

Paul Hollywood's Bread

Paul Hollywood’s Bread

Paul Hollywood, the Will Riker of the Great British Bake Off and his marvellous book on how to cook various kinds of breads for any occasion or supper. My personal favourite, being vegetarian, is the recipe on page 28 for Grilled Vegetable Picnic Loaf which just by looking at the accompanying photo of it on the opposite page makes my mouth run like the Nile. However there are lots of different breads from savoury to sweet and everything in between, including Paul’s guide on equipment, ingredients and personal methods to make the best breads you can.

Knit New York: 10 Iconic New York Projects, Emma King (Anova Books), hardback, £5.59

Knit New York

Knit New York

For the crafty mum. And by that I mean good with her hands when it comes to knitting and needlework as opposed to law-breaking pastimes. Knit New York is just what is says, a small handy book that shows you how to knit some of the best features of the Big Apple, including the Big Apple itself. You can also find patterns inside for a yellow taxi, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Staten Island Ferry, a Broadway street sign, a hot dog (really), a fire hydrant, the Flatiron Building (seriously) and the classic ‘Walk/Don’t Walk’ road sign. Much fun to be had for mums who love knitting cute things and have a passion for the city that never sleeps.

Peter Rabbit Signature Edition Boxed, Beatrix Potter/ Rainbow Designs, gift, £28.52

Peter Rabbit Signature Edition

Peter Rabbit Signature Edition

I don’t care how old your mum is, if she loved the characters of Beatrix Potter when she was young, she will still love them to this day. Beatrix Potter’s beautiful animals have delighted children and adults for decades and if your mum was one of those children, then perhaps the stunning gift of a special Peter Rabbit soft toy in a presentation box will be a great addition to her collection. Also comes with a Signature Collection Badge and hardback copy of the famous book too.

Moleskine Cat Journal

Moleskine Cat Journal

Moleskine Passion Cat Journal Moleskine, stationery, £11.19

In the land of the journal, Moleskine is king. There are many different series and themes available that Moleskine have created stationery for, indeed if you visit our dedicated Moleskine page you will see our favourite ones of the ranges we stock. However, the one I have picked out is the one for the crazy cat-mum in your life. This journal will help her document and record the life of her cat, and includes lots of pages for writing her own notes to diarise your mum’s beloved feline, with stickers and even a fun tail talk guide. However if your mum is more dog than cat, then you can get one of those for her pet pooch, too.

Skyfall with Daniel Craig

Skyfall with Daniel Craig

Skyfall Sam Mendes/ 20th Century Fox, DVD & Blu-ray, £17.99

Is there a mum alive who doesn’t fantasise about Daniel Craig? One of the good things about Bond movies is that you can watch them with your mum for the action while she watches Daniel Craig tear lumps out of the bad guys. Skyfall is arguably one of the best Bond movies ever, with the introduction of Ben Whishaw’s fantastic new Q, Ralph Fiennes (equally lush) and of course, Judi Dench as M all providing an awesome supporting cast. Action-packed and emotional doesn’t even begin to cover Bond’s twenty-third outing on the big screen, and it can now boast the Academy-Award-winning theme song by Adele to bless you aurally, too.


All these products and a whole load more booty for mums can be found on our gifts for Mother’s Day page here.

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