Star Trek Into Darkness release day tickets: all hands, brace for impact.

Cor blimey guv’nor, you weren’t wrong. Mid-morning on Tuesday 9th April, I was one of many thousands of people trying to book opening-day tickets for Star Trek Into Darkness, JJ Abrams’ second big-screen venture into the final frontier. Like many of my other Trekkie/ Trekker [delete as applicable] brethren on Tuesday morning, I logged onto the ODEON website like one of the children from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with their winning golden ticket brandishing my debit card, but then yelling at my iPad in rage that I couldn’t get anything to load or display times and dates. Server crashes, Mr Data? What are they? We don’t have server crashes on the Enterprise!

Anyway I quickly went over to the ODEON Twitter feed where indeed they were replying to lots of people all encountering the same issue as me, they couldn’t log onto the ODEON website to order tickets and it would appear, after further investigation around the internet and Twitter, ODEON just experienced an unprecedented and overwhelming amount of Star Trek fans all eager to book their release-day tickets.

Then the British Film Institute (BFI) tweeted this:

Luckily, I had a minion who was able to go to the box office at the BFI IMAX in Waterloo and purchase our tickets in person, so I am happy to confirm that myself and my Trek kin will be seeing Mr Cumberbatch make the Alpha Quadrant a very dark place on the release day of May 9th. Engage!

One could argue that we brought the ODEON website down like the D in Generations. Har har har.

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