Hive’s Book of the Month for April: The View on the Way Down by Rebecca Wait

The View on the Way Down by Rebecca Wait

Fourteen year old Emma is at the hub of this story, she is such an engaging and brave character that you just want her to be happy but after the devastating death of one of her brothers ( Kit ) her life at home is fractured, her and her parents all live in their own bubbles. Her mother takes refuge in cooking and cleaning and although appears to be affectionate and caring with her daughter, you feel the isolation and grief overlaying all her actions, her father continues to go to work but then disappears into his shed at evenings and weekends. None of them have had any contact with Emma’s other brother Jamie who left home on the day of the funeral 5 years ago, then an ex-girlfriend of Jamie’s contacts the family to say she knows where he is.

What else can I say, to make you want to read this and love it as much as I do …….it’s NOT misery lit, it is a beautiful portrayal of siblings and parents, it is about trying to understand and empathise with an illness that affects many of us, it is going to make you cry, it is brutally honest, it is remarkably well written and plotted and it is about a young girl who just wants to make everything better.

Apparently Rebecca Wait is half way through writing her second novel, I think we have an author here who is really going to shine.

*As nominated by Hive’s resident book guru.

Purchase the hardback edition here

Purchase the eBook edition here

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