Our top ten favourite Moleskines on Hive.

There is more to Moleskine that just plain, sensible notebooks, you know. So here I have rounded up my top ten favourite Moleskine products that are available on Hive, and would I think make the perfect gift for any one you want to get something fun, practical and stylish for – including yourself!

Please note that these are in no particular order, just ones that I love and have caught my attention in the vast range Moleskine offer.

Star Wars Large 18 Month Weekly Notebook Hardback

Star Wars Large 18 Month Weekly Notebook Hardback

Regular readers of my blog will know that my allegiance lies with Starfleet and not the Empire, but until Moleskine make it so for me and create a set of Star Trek Moleskines these Star Wars ones will keep their spot warm in this list.

This is a wonderful Moleskine that allows Star Wars nerds the complete indulgence of combining the love of journaling with their passion for all things Jedi or Sith. The famous Star Wars log is embossed on the cover, and from the second you open it on the inside first page you’re in a galaxy far, far away with the cool space imagery printed inside.

This is a weekly notebook but comes with additional everyday-needed data such as conversions, measurements, dialling codes and global and travel information. Then of course there are 18 months’ worth of pages for you to timetable your life. There is also a removable address book inside an accordion pocket in the back that although isn’t very fancy, at least you have all your addresses and contacts in the same place. Perfect for when you’re on the Millennium Falcon and you can’t access your online contacts book because the systems are offline.

The best part of this Moleskine though I have saved until last, and this is where you can truly express which one of the original trilogy is your favourite. Included in this Moleskine are three different stickers depicting C-3PO, Boba Fett and Darth Vader all with the titles of the first three films on, which you can use to customise your Moleskine’s cover.

That’s pretty damn cool and these Moleskines will make any Star Wars fan happy.

Our full range of Star Wars Moleskines in stock and coming soon can be found here


Soft X-large Ruled Notebook

Soft X-large Ruled Notebook

One of the classics and a Hive bestseller, this is the one favoured by students, artists, writers and just about any professional that wants a no-fuss, no-frills Moleskine to just do the job of note-taking and journaling. The main features are the soft cover, 192 pages of acid-free paper and accordion pocket in the back that will house slips of paper and other notes that are gathered during the day. It also comes with the Moleskine’s signature elastic closure and nothing on the cover, just plain black, for a professional image.


Mickey Mouse Limited Edition Large Ruled Notebook Hardback

Mickey Mouse Limited Edition Large Ruled Notebook Hardback

There is something about the feel of this Moleskine that when you first hold it, you’re holding warm, melted butter. The cover has such a beautiful and soft finish that you really feel like you’re holding something special. The world’s most famous animated mouse has finally had his own range of Moleskines created for him, and gorgeous ones they are too.

On the front of these Moleskines are pictures of Mickey brandishing pencils and paint, beautifully embossed on the cover and symbolising that this is Moleskine for the artist as well as the writer, or anyone who loves animation and the House of Mouse. Once you take the belly band off the Moleskine it is plain black, so it gives the air of sophistication with a hint of mirth with the line pictures of Mickey on the outside. There’s treasures on the inside of the belly band itself, on which is printed a short history of Mickey Mouse and a quote from Walt Disney.

Printed on the inside front and back covers are pencil instructions on how to draw Mickey and the Moleskine also comes with a beautiful insert of a Mickey Mouse Drawing Guide. This eight-page booklet has instructions and guides on drawing Mickey and his famous features, such as his gloved hands, costume and cross-sections.

The rest of the notebook is just ruled pages, so perfect for your journaling, with the standard accordion pocket on the inside back cover and elastic band closure.

These Mickey Mouse Moleskines also come in various sizes and in ruled and plain pages. To see the whole range, click here


Hard Black Page Album A4

Hard Black Page Album A4 (pocket and large sizes also available)

This is a rather sexy way to display anything you’re proud of, like photos, tickets, memorabilia, drawings, notes and other cool stuff. The jet black paper is 200 gram acid-free and gives a very smart and professional look to anything you decide worthy of housing in it. It’s very lightweight too, obviously until you put all your bits and pieces in it. The beautiful black pages are perfect for mounting precious photographs and drawings or sketches you want to display, so it makes the perfect portfolio too. It comes with Moleskine’s signature elastic strap closure and accordion pocket on the inside back cover.

In short, if you are looking for a sleek and professional way to display something you’re proud of, do yourself even more proud and display them in one of these beautiful albums.


Small Shell in Orange

Small Shell in Orange (cerulean and black also available)

This is a very fun but practical piece of travel equipment that does a grand job of housing and protecting your precious gadgetry, or indeed anything else you decide to use it for. At the moment I am using mine to carry my mobile juice pack, a rechargeable battery for my Apple devices. The awesome thing about this product is that it has net pockets on the inside of each shell half, so I can put my mobile juice pack in one side, my iPod or iPhone in the other, connect them to charge and all the while they are protected from the tough outer shell from bumps and other mishaps.

It also has a funky little opening on the back for you to feed your headphones through, so if you’re listening to music on the go, you can zip up the whole unit without the cord preventing and your music player will be completely protected. It has an anti-theft Velcro strap on the back too, which can only be released from the inside of the shell.

The cover is very tough and durable and will protect your beloved device from everyday knocks and wear and tear. £16.99 might be considered a hefty price tag, but when you’ve spent maybe two or three hundred pounds on a gadget you love, this is actually a small price to pay for its protection.


Peanuts Gift Box

Peanuts Gift Box (Little Prince edition also available)

This truly is something special. If you know someone in your life who loves Charles Schultz’s iconic Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Peanuts strips, then this is the gift for them.

Where do you even start with how beautiful this is… well, I’ll give it a go.

Quintessentially Moleskine, this product embodies everything about Moleskine that make them the leaders in notebook and journal making. Six ruled notebooks, three tan coloured and three black, are presented in this keep-sake box, all emblazoned with characters from the Peanuts stories embossed on the covers. On the inside of each cover of the journals is a quote from Schultz about the character on the front, and on the inside back cover is a pocket for loose leafs.

Perhaps the most fun part though of this gift set is what awaits you when you open the box. A black envelope is the first thing you see in which are contained three postcards with Charlie Brown, Linus and Snoopy on, and four gorgeous sheets of stickers. The sheets contain blank cartoon speech bubbles, stars, hearts, Woodstock images, quotes from other characters and Snoopy’s doghouse. Presumably one uses these to customise their journals with but you could put these anywhere to show just how much you love Peanuts. The whole box has Moleskine’s signature elastic closure and on the cover is a line drawing of Snoopy typing on top of his doghouse.

The perfect and very special gift for any fan of one boy, his dog and small bird friend.


iPad 3 and 4 Purple Slim Digital Cover with Notebook

iPad 3 and 4 Purple Slim Digital Cover with Notebook (Yellow, green, pink, orange and black also available)

A rather funky way of covering your iPad, this range of Moleskine covers for your tablet allow for you to express your fun side in some cool pastel and bright colours. Inside, your iPad is protected with suede microfiber so the screen of your tablet will always have a soft rest against it. The tablet snaps in the cover with hard plastic holders, but it must be said that even though you’re able to rotate the notebook on the inside cover, if you’re right handed, your iPad will always be upside down. Fortunately you can combat this by taking the screen orientation off but the home button will always be at the top and the camera at the bottom.

If you’re left-handed then your iPad will the correct way up in terms of the home button and camera. That’s not to say you can’t use it if you’re right-handed, but if you do then your wrist will be rubbing against the screen of your iPad, so make sure the screen is locked or you’ll be launching a game of Angry Birds without intention.

Having said that this is only a minor thing and it is all about preference. Moleskine have considerately made an ambidextrous cover for people who write with either hand, so if you don’t mind your camera being on the bottom and your home button on the top, then this this is a stylish way to pimp out your pad.


Gift Box Writing Set

Gift Box Writing Set (Drawing Gift Box set also available by clicking here)

This writing set is rather a fine little gift to give to anyone you know who enjoys writing on the go, that is to say that the notebook contained within the presentation gift box is pocket-sized, so it’s easy to carry about to jot down all those ideas and inspirational thoughts one might have when out and about. A simple notebook it is, in classic Moleskine black with 192 pages, signature elastic strap and accordion pocket on the inside.

This gift box also comes with a Moleskine Roller Pen which has beautiful fluid black gel ink, though I am yet to figure out quite how it stays attached to the notebook as the description of the product informs me it does. I’m sure others are cleverer than me.

The notebook and the pen are encased in a firm but soft foam inside the box which makes the presentation of the set just that bit more special, and the box itself can be used as a neat little keepsake too. The cover of the box has various literary words embossed on it, and on the inside front cover is an accordion pocket to keep loose leafs.

A lovely set for the writer in your life who gets inspiration on the bus, train, car or plane.


City Notebook: Las Vegas

City Notebook: Las Vegas (Click here for the full range of City Notebooks)

Although there are many city Moleskines available, I have selected the Las Vegas one for my top Moleskine choices simply because I am going there in August. This is such a wonderful little pocket notebook where you can document and record all your memories from the city you’ll be visiting, you can write in it things you’re preparing for, and you can journal your after-thoughts too.

So let’s go through this lovely notebook from the beginning so you know what to expect. Personal data is first, then a pull-out colour street map of Las Vegas; measurements; sizes and conversions; ‘before you go’ section a ruler and more detailed street maps. After that are lots of blank pages to write your notes and your diary, and then comes one of the most fun parts of the Moleskine. There is a section of tabbed pages with icons on for you to record things such as where you have eaten, slept, shopped; things that have made you happy, angry or sad on your trip; music, film and theatre you saw, to list but a few. There are blank pages following this, but the Moleskine comes with a sheet of pre-printed and blank stickers for you to customise the pages as your heart desires. Other features include 12 sheets of tracing paper for you to draw over the maps with, and 32 perforated tabs for you to write notes and messages on.

All combined with Moleskine’s signature elastic band closure and accordion pocket for loose leafs in the back, this is just the perfect personal item to take with you away to the city you’re going to, to record all you see, think and feel and providing you make full use of it what it can do, you’ll always use it as something to add to and look back on.


Passion Cat Journal (other Passions available, see the full range here)

Passion Cat Journal

This is without doubt my favourite of the Moleskines I have chosen to review. I have selected the cat journal, but there are many subjects in the Passion series, including Dog, Art, Restaurant, Chocolate, Music and Travel and a whole host of others.

The cover is embossed with line drawings of cats in different positions and feels like the Mickey Moleskine, an exquisitely soft black finish. This is a bit larger than the pocket size as obviously you want to show your passion off with this journal with maximum effect.

The beginning of the Moleskine allows you to write down all the factual data about your cat, such as birthdate, breed etc., but my personal favourite is the ‘tail talk’ page which gives you a simple guide of what your cat is feeling by how his tail looks. After that are tabbed sections for you to write about your cat’s personality, sleeping patterns, toys they play with, memorable moments with room for photos, likes/dislikes, grooming details, eating preferences, budget, vaccinations, illnesses and treatments, and so much more.

The second half the journal has blank pages for you to write your own notes and memories of your cat, with pages to stick photos in or draw sketches on. Put it this way – this journal is so detailed and lovingly thought out, it even has an index in the back of all the different features it boasts.

Inside the back cover is a double accordion pocket in which you’ll find sheets of cool and fun stickers for you to place in your journal. They are all cat-related, including stickers for social media, pictures of mice and encouraging words to express how much you love your kitty. The stickers add to the customisation of your Moleskine beautifully and ensure that whatever goes in your Moleskine will be as unique as your cat itself.

You really won’t find a more comprehensive or fun way to record and document the life of your beloved feline.

To see our dedicated page to all our favourite Moleskines and series, please click here

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