Hive’s Publisher of the Week: Wordsworth Editions

Welcome to a new feature we will be running here at Hive entitled Publisher of the Week!

This week we will be focusing on Wordsworth Editions and their releases on the Classics.

Wordsworth Editions has been offering high quality, low priced books to discerning readers, both at home and abroad, for over two decades. The original £1 classic series from 1992 is still going strong; with over 200 titles available, the price is still only £1.99, and nearly all have exclusive introductions suitable for both the student and the general reader.

The selection we are highlighting demonstrates the range of the series, and includes our current bestseller, ‘The Great Gatsby’. At the same price, we can offer over 50 children’s classics featuring such timeless favourites as ‘The Little Prince’ and ‘The Secret Garden’. But this is only part of the nearly 500 titles we have currently in print (not to mention eBooks).

Our hardback Library Collection series make the ideal gift for only £11.99, and our Poetry, World Literature, Mystery & Supernatural, Reference and Metric Royal Special Editions series complete the set.

You can see our dedicated page to the top Wordsworth Editions right here

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