Independents Day, Thursday 6th June, at the ICA, London.

The Independent Alliance of Publishers in partnership with the ICA present a one day festival to celebrate and explore independence in all its many guises, focusing on the core values of independence, integrity and innovation.

In the current cultural environment it seems that we are in danger of neglecting the power of individual creativity, a strength that brings such diversity and excitement to our lives. Join us for an ambitious day of discussion, debate and entertainment delivered by invited special guests from across our independent arts industries, publishing, theatre, film, art and music.


About Short Books, one of the publishers involved in the event:

Founded in 2001 by former journalists Rebecca Nicolson and Aurea Carpenter, Short Books has established itself as a publisher of first-class, entertaining fiction and non-fiction. Notable successes have included, Amo, Amas, Amat…And all that by Harry Mount, The Social Animal by David Brooks, The J.M Barrie Ladies’ Swimming Society by Barbara J. Zitwer and The Fast Diet by Dr Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer.

We are a small company, and pride ourselves on being light on our feet –and thereby making a success of potentially high-risk or less obvious titles that the larger houses would turn down without a second look.

This week brings an important event in the celebration of all of our independent arts industries. The Independent Alliance of Publishers has partnered with the Institute of Contemporary Art to put on a day’s programme of panel discussions, engaging debate, readings and entertainment—but what is ‘independence’ in our current collective understanding?

One of the events is a talk entitled ‘Industry and Independence’, Justin Webb, presenter of Today, Radio 4, will chair a dialogue between Stephen Page (Faber CEO), Gregor Muir (ICA Director), Laurence Bell (Domino Records Founder) and M T Rainey (Think Ltd Chairman). They will explore the definition of ‘independent’, the limits and freedoms of being termed independent in a world of larger corporate interests and what the forecast is for companies that remain independent in the face of decreasing state funding for the arts, digitalization of content and shifting sales trends. In this high profile panel, the debate surrounding independence—is an ‘independent’ free from something or free to do something else?—will aim to bring some conclusion to the crucial investigation into what is the art of being independent in the twenty first century.

We have a fantastic line up across seven events. Speakers include Alan Bennett, Edna O’Brien, Patrick Flanery, Simon Armitage, Emily Berry, John Lanchester and Amber Rudd MP. We’d love you to join the debate!

Short Books founder, Rebecca Nicolson.


For more information on the event and to book tickets, please click here

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