Hive’s guest publisher blog: Kate A Biography by Marcia Moody from Michael O’Mara Books



Kate: A Biography

Kate: A Biography

All expectant mothers approach their due date with a mixture of excitement and nerves, but not all of them also have the excitement of the nation behind them. All soon-to-be parents get used to friends and family asking how they are feeling and whether there are definite baby names yet, but for Kate and William these idle questions are played out in the press, and asked by strangers at public engagements. As Kate’s due date grows increasingly closer, the speculation is gradually intensifying. Bets have been made on whether it will be Philip for a boy or Alexandra for a girl. Most are agreed that for a new princess ‘Elizabeth’ will be likely to feature somewhere as it is not only the Queen’s name, but also the middle name of both Kate and her mother Carole. Writing Kate: A Biography has been a fascinating process for me, as I have learned not only a great deal about Kate’s fascinating ancestry (which very much made me want to look into my own…), but also I feel I know much better the young woman who first had the spotlight shone squarely on her at her engagement press call two and a half years ago, and has gone on to become one of the most famous women in the world. The royal wedding two years ago was a cause of massive celebration, with an extended holiday to help get everyone in the mood. Not that anyone needed much encouragement – William has always been popular with the public, and to see him come of age with a bride who seemed like the perfect match for him was the icing on the eight-tier wedding cake. Then last year came the double-whammy of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics which gave us all another excuse for celebrating. First up, the Jubilee also meant an extended weekend as communities celebrated by hosting street parties up and down the country, and the following month villages, towns and cities were still awash in red, white and blue as the Olympics gave us further reason to feel happy and proud of our country. We could be forgiven for feeling a little glum this year after all the excitement of the past two years, however news of a royal pregnancy at the end of last year meant another happy event. Welcoming a new life into the world is always going to be cause for celebration, but factor in the new-born’s royal status and country-wide interest is guaranteed. Not only is it the first baby for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, but no matter what, their new son or daughter will instantly become the third in line to the throne – a position held by Prince Harry for the past 29 years, and meaning that William’s younger brother will soon be bumped down to fourth place. Because due to planned amendments to the rules of succession to the British crown, William and Kate’s first child, regardless of gender, will succeed William to the throne. There has rarely been such anticipation as to the gender of a royal baby. The continuation of the royal bloodline means the future of the royal family grows stronger, and so the Queen will surely feel a sense of relief and happiness with the birth of William and Kate’s baby. However she is also certain to feel the glow of any family matriarch who sees her grandson happy, while adding another great grandchild to her ever-expanding brood.


About Marcia Moody

Marcia Moody was Royal Correspondent at OK! Magazine, and she co-ordinated their royal wedding issue, which sold almost a million copies. She has been writing about the royal family for the last two years, and accompanied William and Kate on their first tour of Canada and California. Marcia has also spent ten years as an entertainment journalist, and lives in Wiltshire.


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