Reviewed: Hive’s top ten travel eBooks and destinations!



We’ve been getting our nostalgic caps on here at Hive and the team have put together ten destinations of places we have all been to and sampled the glorious beaches and cultures of. We then wrote a small review for anyone who is considering going to these places this year for their summer holidays in collaboration with a review of a recommended travel eBook to take with you.

Travel all over the world with us on one page including guides and reviews of beautiful and exotic places like Malaysia & Singapore, the Maldives and Dubai; the jewels of the Mediterranean of Cyprus, the south of France, Crete and Portugal; the palm-tree-and-‘gator-world of Miami and the Keys; down under in Australia and our own best of Britain with Devon and Cornwall.

Reviews are always better written by the people that have actually been and experienced the place which is exactly what we have done here at Hive with ours. We hope you enjoy reading them and they give you some inspiration on where in the world to travel to next!


You can see all our travel eBook reviews and treat yourself to a little digital something right here

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