Hive’s August recommended title: Never Forget by Lisa Cutts

Never Forget by Lisa Cutts


As much as we all love Billingham, McDermid, Rankin and their cohorts it’s always good to welcome a new girl to the gang, so hello to Lisa.

She is a first time author and what’s more, is a serving police officer, her dad was in the Met and her husband is a retired policeman so she writes with true insight about the machinations of a Major Incident Room in a police station on the outskirts of London.

DC Nina Foster is a woman with a past but this history is the reason she joined the force. Her and her sidekick are called to investigate a routine enquiry and as is often the case in this genre, it links into what appears to be the start of a killing spree, which has a profound effect on her career in the force.

I truly liked Nina. She drinks too much, worries about her weight, she struggles with domestic “stuff“  and it seems that her love life is a disaster, but she’s propped up by a supportive circle of friends who are key to her surviving the challenges of her day to day routines. Much of this routine is the fact checking and the endless paperwork which are the foundations of police work and this is where Cutts has excelled in describing the slog of it all.

This is a great achievement for a first novel and moves along at a cracking pace, written with humour and understanding of team work, as we know there’s no ‘I’ in team! I highly recommend this and looking at Lisa’s blog it appears she is writing a sequel.


You can purchase Never Forgets on paperback here and on eBook here on Hive

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