Hive’s guest author blog: Sam Jordison, ‘Crap Towns Returns’.





Crap Towns is a book that relies on feedback from the general public. More specifically, it relies on complaints. People write in to tell me what isn’t working in their town, what mistakes have been made, and how things could be better. They also send in a lot of very good, and very funny jokes. It’s probably those latter that most often end up in the book, but  that isn’t too detract from the importance of the points that are often made about the way our urban environment is malfunctioning. We may all be laughing about Crap Towns – but we take them very seriously too.

One of the things that deserves most attention, because people so frequently mention it and are so enraged by it, is the bland brand makeover of our high streets. My correspondents are furious that so many local concerns have been forced out of business in local years. They are saddened that if they spend money, they often have little choice but to give it to the giant corporations who have hoovered up and destroyed – for instance – our local bookshops. They know that spending locally is a good way to ensure their town directly benefits from their trade, and the benefits aren’t syphoned off to a bunch of greedy shareholders hundreds, maybe thousands, of miles away.

All of which is a long way of explaining why I’m so pleased to be able to sell Crap Towns on Hive. Yes, that’s right. I want to put your money where my mouth is. Or, more importantly, to put that cash where the vast majority of the people who write in and contribute the book would want it to go – back into the hands of people who live and work in their own town.

As an author, every sale of the book I’ve written is a delight. There’s nothing better than knowing that people will actually read it. But if selling Crap Towns can contribute in a small way to keeping our high streets going, and keeping local economies ticking over, that’s even better. It would be lovely to become a part of the solution, as well as pointing out where the problem lies…


You can buy Crap Towns Returns: Back By Unpopular Demand here on Hive

Further books by Sam Jordison here

Visit the official Crap Towns website, where you can do awesome things like submit your own nominations, here

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