Hive’s guest author blog: Amazing Spaces by George Clarke

amazing spaces


Amazing Spaces by George Clarke and Jane Fields

‘Amazing Spaces’ has been an incredible project right from the start.

I love good design and architecture, and this is a world away from huge grand scale projects I usually see. This is the distillation of great ideas and thinking into the tiniest of spaces, without losing a drop of creative integrity along the way.

It celebrates the creative small space design brought to life by inspired individuals, each following and fulfilling their dream project.

Meeting and working with these people is beyond exciting. Each project becomes its own adventure, both in terms of the personal effort of the owners and in just what can be achieved with a whole lot of inspiration and courage.

Sometimes this isn’t accompanied with a lot of available funds or even building knowledge. I find it fascinating that these small idiosyncratic spaces seem to offer so much – way beyond their physical limitations – and that there is such huge personal satisfaction from developing creative solutions to the challenges that arise.

I know this not only from the projects that we follow, but from my own caravan adventure from series 1, to turn an old static caravan, well past its glory days, into a stylish modern holiday home for me and my family. It was a project where my heart ruled my head and my happy childhood memories of our family holidays gave me the desire to buy that old caravan. I didn’t want to think about the practicalities of it. I wanted it and knew fundamentally that no matter what it was going to work out, and that this was going to be a life-changing project I would be proud of.

In the second series I have a project with equal challenges. I ask myself why we do it, but the process of tackling these small space designs brings with it such great creative challenges; from the conception and the design to the practical build and detailed finishing off. The thought, the detail and the effort are all things that enrich your life. Additionally I have to say the team I work with are exceptional too, and it is that pooling of knowledge and expertise that really helps to create fantastic results and forge great friendships.

The next development with the project is a book I have co-written with Jane Field-Lewis the stylist and creative consultant on the show. It has been on our minds that a book would be worth doing for a good while and we worked on it almost all of this year. Its launch coincides with series 2 beginning on Channel 4 on October 24th, and in it we look in more detail at some of the key projects from the first series and some equally fantastic ones from the new series.

The book not only looks at how to go about thinking about creating your own small space masterpiece, but where to find inspiration and practical guidance too.
There are chapters on multi-functional space, using recycled materials, some examples of really clever multi functional furniture, creating new spaces and rescuing something existing. We even, dare I say it, look at things on wheels such as the Vintage airstream nightclub and the beautifully painted Romany caravans.

There is no shortage of ideas here, and we have pulled stylish features and clever ideas from each build that you can apply in whatever interior or building project you have on the go, or alternatively if you want to read about the projects in more depth.

Our aim is to provide you with a rich sourcebook of ideas, experiences, stories and information, and more than enough to help you on your way to your own project, even if you haven’t yet seen the show.

I love the quirkiness and vitality of the Amazing Spaces TV show and book, which demonstrate that irrespective of available budget there is absolutely no limit to being stylish and clever with design and materials. It is great to be able to share the inspirations, images and plans of these otherwise hidden treasures and the great thinking that goes in to making them happen.


You can purchase Amazing Spaces on Hive here

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