His Last Case: 25 years of Hercule Poirot and David Suchet


Poirot and Me by David Suchet

And so, after twenty-five years of playing Belgium’s other greatest export, David Suchet is donning his waxed moustache and padded suit for the last time. This week sees Agatha Christie’s beloved creation, Hercule Poirot, solve his very last murder in Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case, screening on ITV. For fans, this will be a very sad and poignant episode.

Happily however, you’ll be able to remember David Suchet’s iconic portrayal of the famous Belgian detective in two wonderful ways. Poirot and Me is David Suchet’s wonderful memoir of playing Poirot for a quarter of a century, including personal photos of guest stars and exotic location shoots.

And for those that want to have Poirot, Hastings, Japp and Miss Lemon visually to hand whenever they want, from next Monday you can buy Poirot: the Definitive Collection – Series 1-13 on DVD for only £83.79.

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