Great gift ideas for Christmas: Film In Five Seconds



Is it possible to actually be jealous of a book because of how funny and witty it is? Film in Five Seconds: Over 150 Great Movie Moments – In Moments! will make you feel just that, as you find yourself flicking through the pages of this awesome little book deciphering famous films depicted in cute pictograms wishing you could be that clever.

Cutting straight to the point, Film in Five Seconds is addictive fun and challenges your film knowledge to the ultimate test of seeing how well you can identify pieces of celluloid in a few small plain and simple graphics and stickmen. No huge bloated plots or long undeleted scenes, even the epic Lord of the Rings trilogy, which if you know the extended editions are over three hours and a half hours per movie has been squeezed into just two tiny simple graphics. And there is no doubt you will get it when you get to it.

In a world that moves so fast where we can even post-date our social media status updates on how we’re going to feel tomorrow, who has time to sit down and watch the Godfather trilogy any more? Do yourself a favour and see the entire storyline in a handful of graphics in this book. It saves a lot of time, you know.

Buy the book on Hive >

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