Is Santa Coming to your town this Christmas? Find out now at!


In the midst of the Christmas shopping spell, we’re excited to introduce you to this wonderful series of books. New from children’s book publisher Hometown World, the Santa is Coming to collection is proving very popular indeed. Each book is written about a different location within the UK and Ireland, with a personalised tale of Santa’s journey through the city or town on Christmas Eve!



Let’s take Santa is Coming to Liverpool as an example, in the story you’ll discover how Santa dashes from Aintree to Anfield, from Bootle to Otterspool, from Sefton Park to Stanley Park, and ALL the places in between, while you are safely tucked up in bed and fast asleep! How does Santa fare on his journey delivering presents in Liverpool on Christmas Eve? Only one way to find out!

These story books make perfect reading to kids on Christmas Eve and your children can discover more about the area they live in, bringing the history of their home town to life in a fun and entertaining way. From Devon to Colchester, Bristol to Manchester, Leeds to Glasgow and many, many more in between, he’s the busiest man this Christmas!

These books make fabulous stocking filler gifts or perhaps even as a keepsake for yourself, and for a limited time only are available at only £3.99 plus with free delivery or the option to collect from your nearest Hive shop.

Click here to explore our full range to discover your home town… how will Santa get on through where you live this Christmas?

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