Joyeux anniversaire Tintin! You don’t look a day over 85!

Joyeux anniversaire Tintin

(l-r) Nestor the butler, Professor Calculus, Captain Haddock, Tintin, Snowy, Thomson, Bianca Castafiore and Thompson

Hard to believe that the quiffed Belgian reporter turns the ripe old age of 85 today and yet for the best part of eight decades has maintained a Dorian Gray-esque youth about him. Perhaps Herge’s original drawings of him are ageing as time goes on in an attic somewhere. Also begs the question, what age does that make Snowy, his lovely little faithful terrier, in human years? Well if we take seven dog years to a human year, that makes Snowy a rather ancient five hundred and ninety-five years old! I hope Tintin in mashing Snowy’s Pedigree Chum up for him.

So today sees the 85th anniversary of the publication of Tintin’s first album, In the Land of the Soviets. Since it was published, Georges Prosper Remi, better known as Herge, went on to create and draw a further twenty-one albums that took Tintin around the world to places like Tibet, Shanghai, Argentina, America, Scotland, the Middle East and even outer space with the friends he met along the way; Captain Haddock, Professor Calculus and detectives Thompson and Thomson.

There never seemed to be any challenge Tintin couldn’t take on or mystery he couldn’t solve; from overthrowing entire Scorsese-type mob syndicates in Chicago single-handedly to smaller puzzles like discovering it was the magpie that stole Bianca Castafiore’s emerald and hid it in its nest. These stories, coupled with Herge’s perfect and intricate animations, are what made the Tintin adventures so popular and have continued to do so all these years later for both children and adults. Now we just want Peter Jackson to finish with Tolkien and get on with making his second Tintin film, Prisoners of the Sun (rumoured to be with us at the end of 2016).

We’re raising a glass to Tintin and Snowy today at Hive – and here’s to the next 85 years!

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