The Simpsons Moleskines are now in stock at Hive! Excellent.

Mmmmm…. Simpsons Moleskines.

And here they are! The wonderful world of Matt Groening’s greatest creation and one of Italy’s finest exports have finally come together in blissful unison to celebrate twenty five years of the former’s existence. These are the limited edition Simpsons Moleskine notebooks, and Smithers, you should see how beautiful they are.

2014 is the 25th anniversary of The Simpsons, the US’s longest-running animated comedy programme and there are all sorts of things happening to celebrate a quarter of a decade since we were introduced to Springfield High, Duff beer and Radioactive Man. One key event is The Simpsons finally being immortalised in LEGO and subsequently their anniversary episode will be completely animated in the little Danish brick.

And what are the Italians doing? Proving that Italians do it better, that’s what!

The creators of some of the finest and most elegant notebooks, diaries and stationery on the market, Moleskine are embracing their comical side and have commissioned four different Simpsons Moleskine notebooks to celebrate their twenty-five years.

All the traditional Moleskine traits are in the notebooks; the ribbon marker, thick elastic enclosure, Moleskine’s signature inner back-cover accordion pocket and really cool double-sided bellyband. Oh, and not forgetting the, like, totally rad limited edition Simpsons stickers that await you inside! Did I mention you can actually write in them too and not just put them on a shelf to stare at them lovingly next to your favourite box of doughnuts? Apparently you can. Who knew?

I really wouldn’t waste time if I were you. These are strictly limited edition and will sell fast. You have two notebooks with a yellow cover in pocket and large; these are the ruled editions, and you also have two with black covers; again large and pocket sized with plain pages. All four have different graphics embossed on the covers depicting Bart, Homer, or combination of both. Sturdy of construction in hardback and with the exquisite finish Moleskine are renowned for in their products.

They are seriously cool and a must-have for any fan of the Simpsons and Moleskine notebooks.

Click right here to go through to Hive and make a purchase before Flanders complains they’re not left-handed!Simpsons-Moleskines

Main picture: Moleskine The Simpsons Limited Edition Hard Yellow Ruled Large Notebook (Homer cover)
Small yellow: Moleskine The Simpsons Limited Edition Hard Yellow Ruled Pocket Notebook (Bart cover)
Black (left): Moleskine The Simpsons Limited Edition Hard Plain Large Notebook (Homer and Bart cover)
Black (right): Moleskine The Simpsons Limited Edition Hard Plain Pocket Notebook (Homer cover)

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