Hive welcomes Florentine & Pig!


When I was small, my local bookshop in Pinner was one of my most favourite places to be. A quiet space with cosy corners and walls stacked to the ceiling with hundreds of books; thousands of words all waiting to be discovered… Every book would offer a whole new adventure, with new places, ideas and characters to fall in love with.

That bookshop was a safe and comforting haven for me as a child, with familiar faces, owners who knew my name and who always asked how my mum was. The owners and staff were knowledgeable, made wonderful recommendations and knew their trade. Like many of our well loved indie bookshops, Corbetts closed some years ago and there is now a Starbucks in its place.

I know things have changed – of course they have – and it might well take more time for me to stroll down the road to pop into my local bookshop than it would to click a button on my laptop… but I’m not sure there could possibly be a better use of my time.

I have created Story Trekkers as a way to support independent bookshops, by incentivising and encouraging children and parents to be excited about visiting them, like I used to be. Like I still am.

Florentine and Pig and Story Trekkers fly the flag for children’s literacy, independent bookshops and local community. I have been absolutely thrilled with the response I have received so far from booksellers, children and parents alike and look forward to watching it grow and develop.

My grandma bought her fish frm the same fishmonger for most of her life. She looked after him (money in the till) and he looked after her (we have eaten a lot of delicious fish over the years.) Our local retailers are our neighbours and friends and, if we want them to stick around, it’s time we all put the iPads back in our pockets, popped down the road to say hello and invested our pennies directly back into our communities.

Oh, and why not buy a cake (or three) from the local bakery while you’re at it – it’s the least we can do 😉

Eva Katzler, author of the Florentine and Pig books



Click above to go through to Story Trekkers!

About Story Trekkers

Story Trekkers is the fabulous initiative created by Eva to help bring the love of children’s literacy and the love of independent bookshops together: with a special membership card obtained from the Florentine and Pig website, you’ll be entitled to take advantage of special offers and exciting goodies in any independent bookshop who is part of the Story Trekkers scheme!

And there are loads of bookshops already on board, just click here to see them all!

More information on Florentine and Pig, and Story Trekkers, can be found by visiting our official page on hive below.


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