Books for June as chosen by our independent booksellers

Hello and welcome to the books chosen by independent booksellers as recommended new reads. Every month we will be highlighting fifteen books hand-picked for you, and why these booksellers think you should be reading them.

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Anne Neville by Amy Licence

“The spotlight at present is very much on Richard III and his final destination. However one should not overlook his Queen, Anne Neville, daughter of Richard Neville Earl of Warwick, “The Kingmaker”. This book goes some way to address the balance and provides a highly readable and entertaining biography of this fascinating but ultimately elusive woman.”

Chosen by: Richard Knowles, bookseller at Rickaro Books

The Mighty Dead by Adam Nicholson

“In this passionate and personal book, Adam Nicholson sets out to explain why the ancient poems of Homer are still very relevant to our lives and can still say so much to us today.”

Chosen by: Frances Hopkins, bookseller at Urmston Bookshop

Vixen by Rosie Garland

“Set in Devon during the medieval period at the time of the Black Death, this novel mixes fact with magic and fantasy to produce a heady potion of original writing. Those who liked the début novel, “The Palace of Curiosities”, should be pleased to return for more from this author.”

Chosen by: Richard Knowles, bookseller at Rickaro Books

Bittersweet by Colleen McCullough

“If you enjoyed the Thornbirds, you’ll love this. Four Australian sisters leave a life of comfort and affluence to train as nurses during the Depression. The harsh realities and disasters which they have to face up to test their resolve and tests their strength of character. This is an epic saga of love, betrayal, family loyalty and redemption, which will keep you hooked right to the end.”

Chosen by: Jill Pattle, bookseller at Far From the Madding Crowd

Harry’s Last Stand by Harry Leslie Smith

“Why the veteran Harry Smith will be no longer wearing a poppy for the next Remembrance Day. Why do we celebrate the blood-soaked wars of the recent years. And have the sacrifices of young men and women fighting for their country improved the country? Harry, aged 92, is making a stand for a better Britain just as he did in the RAF during the Second World War.”

Chosen by: Sarah Donaldson, bookseller at Red Lion Books


Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey

“The lead character in this warm, engaging novel is an 80 year old grandmother with dementia! However don’t judge this book just by that description as it is a brilliantly written mystery, as well as a thought-provoking story of loss of memory and identity. The story is told through Maud’s unforgettable voice, and she really is a very sweet and loveable person who you feel for and will make you stop and think. Healey’s wonderful prose and telling of the mystery humanises a condition most of us find impenetrable and frustrating.”

Chosen by: Sheila O’Reilly, bookseller at Dulwich Books

The Vacationers by Emma Straub

“A dysfunctional American family take a two week holiday on the island of Mallorca for rest and relaxation. So what could possibly happen? A witty and engaging tale this could be the perfect book to take on holiday with you.”

Chosen by: Sheila O’Reilly, bookseller at Dulwich Books

Eat Istanbul by Andy Harris & David Loftus

“A wonderful composition of fascinating and mouth-watering recipes that document the exceptional Turkish cuisine offered by Istanbul. With beautiful photography throughout, this cookbook is a must have for the summer.”

Chosen by: Sue Kekewich, bookseller at Atkinson-Pryce Books

The Hunt For The Golden Mole by Richard Girling

“The cause of the small, the obscure, the humble. Numerous species of these animals that are already extinct or teetering on the edge of being lost forever have found a powerful supporter in this fascinating book. The search for the Golden Mole, only known about by some few bones found in an owl’s pellet.”

Chosen by: Sarah Donaldson, bookseller at Red Lion Books

A Song For Issy Bradley by Carys Bray

“The story of a Mormon family trying to carry on when something terrible has happened. Incredibly moving, unexpectedly funny and so sharply observed it makes you catch your breath. Just wonderful – the Bradley family will stay with you for a long time.”

Chosen by: Frances Hopkins, bookseller at Urmston Bookshop


The Apple Tart of Hope by Sarah Moore Fitzgerald

“A story based around friendship and loyalty. This is the second novel from the author of Back to Blackbrick, which proved a popular debut title. It tells the story of Oscar, maker of the world’s most perfect apple tarts who goes missing. Presumed dead, his best friend Meg and little brother Stevie are determined to find out what has happened to him.”

Chosen by: Richard Knowles. bookseller at Rickaro Books

Smart by Kim Slater

“For fans of the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time and appealing to all ages, this compelling debut about murder through a boy’s eyes will astonish and inspires its readers. A charming little book about life.”

Chosen by: Sue Kekewich, bookseller at Atkinson-Pryce Books

Boy In A Tutu by Kate Scott

“It sounds like every child’s dream to have parents who are spies – how exciting! Until they expect him to wear a tutu as part of a disguise. This is a hilarious romp of a tale with a witty story line and a happily mischievous note at the end.”

Chosen by: Jill Pattle, bookseller at Far From the Madding Crowd

One To Ten Animal Mayhem by Thomas Flintham

“What a very bright and jolly counting book. Pre-schoolers will have such fun counting their way through the pages, and with brilliant rhyming text they will soon know it off by heart. Who said learning by rote was dull – this book certainly is a winner.”

Chosen by: Jill Pattle, bookseller at Far From the Madding Crowd

Maisy’s Placemat Doodle Book by Lucy Cousins

“This is an irresistible book of pull-out placemats from a firm family favourite, Maisy. What more do you need when heading out for a meal with young ones? This will keep them entertained for most of the meal as there are over 50 unique pull-out pages.”

Chosen by: Sheila O’Reilly, bookseller at Dulwich Books

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