Guest author blog: Rebecca Raisin on her dream bookshop, and win £100 of National Book Tokens!


Rebecca Raisin


Reading is a magical past-time for me. You can pry open the cover of a book and be transported to a foreign land, with evocative scents, and vivid scenery. Or be taken to a different planet, a different era.

Books have always been my go-to place when I’ve needed comfort or escape – there they are, like the most stoic friend. And like so many bookworms, I’ve always imagined paradise as owning a tiny little bookshop, one slightly off the beaten track.

My dream bookshop isn’t shiny, and it’s not new.

It’s almost sepia, it’s so dimly lit.

The old wooden floors creak with age, and are bowed from decades of foot traffic. Books snake precariously up from the floor, are double stacked on shelves, and wherever we can find room. Every book deserves its place, whether it’s a novel missing its cover, or a textbook with dog-eared pages. Books like that have been loved, and re-read so it’s only right they get the chance to be brought back to life.

There’s a bay window at the back of the shop, and through the drizzle of rain, you can see the rose garden. There’s an old purple chaise, and a musty, yellowed throw rug in case you want to stop, and read awhile.
Perhaps you’d rather take a look at the shelves in the reading room? Sit in a high back chair by the fire? It’s where we hold our monthly book club, and where kids fall asleep when their parents are busy unearthing dusty books, and lose track of time.

Of course reading is infinitely more enjoyable when you have endless cups of tea on hand. Amble to the kitchenette from the reading room, and help yourself.

Customers flutter in and out taking their precious cargo, and giving us a backward wave. We’re quick to thank them for their support. We want to be here in a year, in ten, in twenty. You see, my bookshop is in a small town. It’s hard to make ends meet, and we need all the customers we can to keep this place running. It’s not just a bookshop, it’s a way of life. If we were to close, where would they go? Would they walk past the empty shop, faces glum, because there was no place to buy books anymore? And no-one to discuss books with?

We’re passionate about reading, and spend an age talking with customers about a gem of a book we’ve read, that kept us up well into the early hours of the morning. They’ll scramble to buy it and I cross my fingers and hope they love it like I did.

But it’s all subjective. My favourite read might not resonate with you, and that’s OK.

We’ll have plenty of time to find the perfect book for you. If only you’ll visit. So, pull up a chair and stay awhile.

©Rebecca Raisin

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10 thoughts on “Guest author blog: Rebecca Raisin on her dream bookshop, and win £100 of National Book Tokens!

  1. We don’t have a rose garden but for the rest ….. 😀 😉
    You won’t believe it but our Bookshop is in Hermanus, South Africa. Oh … and we don’t have a fire-place but it’s warm and cosy.

    Noel & Beth Hunt

  2. don’t have a bookshop but would be my dream to own one, it would have a children’s story corner and also adult story corner where authors come to read from their books, the kid’s corner would have colourful murals on the wall and there would be lots of tactile features for the dis-abled both adult and kids

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