Our favourite and bestselling soft toys of beloved children’s book characters on hive

What better way than with a soft toy of their favourite character to enhance your child’s love of their favourite book? Here at hive we’re lucky enough to stock a huge range of plush toys for children of beloved book characters, and they’re very popular too.

Here we’ve rounded up our bestselling soft toys on hive and coupled them with our own recommendations for ideal Christmas gifts for your little one. If they have the book, why not the soft toy too to add more smiles and laughs? Something to snuggle asleep to when the pages have stopped turning and the lights are out?

When I was a kid I was into He-Man and they never made a soft plush of him [sad face]. How I envy all you Gruffalo fans out there.

Speaking of which:9780857577566 Gruffalo 16” Sitting Soft Toy – RRP £29.99, Hive price £16.49

“He has terrible tusks, and terrible claws, and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws.”

Be that as it may, children have clearly overlooked his ferociousness and are willing to cuddle up to his terrible tusks and claws making the Gruffalo our bestselling soft toy on hive.


My First Peter Rabbit Soft Toy – RRP £12.99, Hive price £8.79

Beatrix Potter’s most famous little lagomorph has been around 112 years (blimey) and to this day is regarded the most loved rabbit in classic children’s literature (sorry White Rabbit, you were too late). This soft toy of him we have is designed for babies and younger children as their first Peter Rabbit toy, ideal for introducing them to the world of Beatrix Potter.


Paddington Classic Cuddly Soft Toy – RRP £18.99, Hive price £9.99

Remember when Paddington defected from marmalade to Marmite? “How could he?!” you screamed! How could Michael Bond allow his little anthropomorphic Peruvian bear to shift his allegiance from the sweet orange conserve he so famously ate in his sandwiches, to advocating the love-it-or-hate-it edible tar that is Marmite? While Paddington’s favourite sandwich filling choice proved fickle, the love for the little traveller with his duffle coat and Wellingtons isn’t, and so in his plush toy form he is immensely popular on hive. Celebrate the new live-action film too this Christmas with your own cuddly Paddington.


Moomin 8” Sitting Soft Toy – RRP £9.99, Hive price £5.69

The Moomins have seen a massive resurgence in the last few years and this explains why our adorably small and cute Moomin plush is a bestseller on hive. Tove Jansson’s famous hippo-looking creatures, along with other foreign children’s characters such as Tintin, The Little Prince and Asterix, have been embraced into our pop culture with a deep affinity which has kept the little Finnish troll’s legacy thriving. Stay warm and snuggly this Christmas with your very own Moomin plush as you read Jansson’s books that inspired the toy.


Gruffalo’s Child 9″ Skittles Set – RRP £39.99, Hive price £21.99

And so where the Gruffalo’s popularity leads, the Gruffalo’s Child has followed. Taking soft toys to a new level, you can combine a fun bit of sport and your child’s love for Julia Donaldson’s beloved monstrous creation with this Gruffalo’s Child skittle set. All the characters from the books are immortalised as bowling pins; the owl, mouse, squirrel, snake and fox are included in this fun gift set for children who love the world of the Gruffalo and who might want to bash them a bit with a soft ball.

To purchase any of the toys listed above, just click on their titles to go through to hive and make them yours.

To see our complete range of soft toys, gifts and games for children on hive, please click here

*Please note:- The prices in bold orange are our offer prices until the end of the year (2014), after that they will revert back to their standard prices – so best get them now while they’re on promotion!

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