Hive’s Christmas Advent Competition – so far, and yet to come!


We are very nearly there! Only a few days away now until the big twenty-fifth!

Our Christmas advent competition is still going very strong and we hope you’ve been entering and taking part each day to win some fantastic prizes with us.

So far we’ve given away a Harry Potter book boxset, Disney DVDs, the Complete Sopranos Blu-ray boxset, cookery and craft books, Doctor Who stuff, a LEGO book and set, loads of dinosaur toys… not to mention lots of famous signed editions too!

Still to come from now until Christmas Day on hive in our advent competition are children’s books, new stand-up comedy DVDs, lots of luxury hardback books, Hobbit merchandise and for Christmas Day something so utterly special and exclusive… you’d best head to our competition page right now to see what it is!

You can enter our advent competition each day on hive and to do so, all you have to do is head here:

No tricky questions, no song and dance, no posting of selfies with your cat or tagging people endlessely… just enter your details and you’ll be in the hat.

And believe me, it’s a big hat.

Good luck for the second half of our advent competition!


Merry Christmas,

Team Hive.

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