Guest author blog: Hester van Overbeek, author of Furniture Hacks


It is so exciting my first book Furniture Hacks is now available world wide! It was only a year ago that I though it would be a brilliant idea to turn my blog into a book and approached a few publishers. CICO books liked my work and asked me to do a Furniture Hacking book. I love reusing old pieces you have already in your house so was well up for the idea of creating 35 projects for a real life book.

I have always been into making my own things, even as a small child when I was forever drawing, painting and interior designing my bedroom. Two and a half years ago I moved into my current rental home, it was in a bit of a state so I managed to get a deal on the rent in exchange for me decorating the whole house. My budget was super low so I decided to make most of the furniture myself and redesigned pieces I already had to make them fit with the new nautical decor scheme.

This was so much fun and inspiring to a lot of my family and friends as they all of a sudden started DIY-ing themselves as well.

To show even more people how easy it is to make your own furniture and interior decorations I started my blog where I post a new craft or DIY video every Thursday. Most of my projects are pretty easy to make but look impressive to those not in the know, my favourite kind of crafts. I also feature a lot of up-cycling projects as why would you buy something new when you already have the materials in your home? Like the videos most of the book is shot in my house and are of projects I use every day, like the kitchen island, the four poster bed and my guest bedroom with the wooden bed surround and shutters made from an old blind. My friends jokingly call the guest room the splinter room as everything in there is made of wood!

You might think 35 projects are a lot to come up with but I had that sorted within a few hours, I had so many ideas of what I wanted to create. Some of the builds you see in the book I had already created for my house refurb like the modular bookcase and the dip dyed curtains. But I also added some quick fixes for the DIY-er without a lot of time like the driftwood kitchen handle update and the washi tape chest.

In the book you can find thing to make for your living room, kitchen & dining room, bedroom, office and for your outdoor space. If you are a DIY novice or an expert there are projects in the Furniture Hacks book for everyone, clearly explained with step by step pictures so you don’t have an excuse anymore that you can’t DIY. I can’t wait for people to post pictures of their builds from Furniture Hacks on social media, to show me their interpretation of my projects. I’m hoping to get everybody hacking and up-cycling!

©Hester van Overbeek

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